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March 05 2015



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Dapoxetine (Priligi) - a drug that decreases processes premature ejaculation and increases period sex three times.
Advantage Priligi is its relatively medium price compared to other similar medications.
Priligi passed maximum clinical studies in twenty fourthe world after which was observed exclusively positivefeedback from doctors and patients.
Currently, all more popular drug Dapoxetine, its second name Priligi. Developers
drug Priligi is holding Johnson&Johnson, having positive reputation in the pharmaceutical the business.

We can confidently to point that the famous Viagra gone on the second plan after the appearance of the drug By which the effectiveness of bit of it is not inferior. Usually sold By pharmacies without any prescription and is a ordinary
pill, which allows men to solve the problem with premature ejaculation.

What are the advantages and properties of latest drug Priligi? So, if the man decided to buy the drug, it is guaranteed deliverance from such problems , as early ejaculation and premature orgasm. In addition, By (feedback this fact guarantee ) have the ability increasedistance sexual intercourse.

It should be noted that initially By was made as an antidepressant, in this regard, the preparation is a selective inhibitor, which prevents the reverse takeover serotonin. However, unlike other similar medications Priligi fairly effectively inferred from person.


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